What’s the big surprise?

“Most processes leave out the stuff no one wants to talk about: magic, intuition, and leaps of faith.”

Have you ever had a feeling that you should do something but literally everything in the world scares you and you just don’t do it? No matter how much you try to ignore it, it doesn’t go away? Yeah, welcome to the club.

My husband has always has this way of making big decisions by following that gut wrenching, no mistake about it, can’t stop thinking about it, Holy Spirit leading feeling. And everything has always gone well.... until 4 years ago.

4 years ago we made a rushed decision and let me tell you that we have learned so much that it will be impossible to forget any of the lessons we learned. God‘s grace has been enough through these last years. He has provided in ways only he could. We are so thankful for how much we have learned but they have been hard none the less. While we thanked God for the lessons we have learned that feeling in our stomachs has never left, only gotten stronger. So when we saw an opportunity we took it. Will we regret it? We truly won’t know. We are taking huge leaps of faith here.

Chris and I had two huge opportunities to do what we are finally going to do. The last two times we let fear, opinions, and the unknown determine our choices. As Christians we also realize that God closed the doors this last time we were going to take the leap and boy are we thankful he did because we were pushing so hard to make it happen when everything was NOT working out. How we missed the same pattern playing out when we pushed to be where we are is beyond me. We waited, prayed, and this time around everything fell in to place. There really is no other word to describe how things have worked out but to call it a masterpiece. Everything has been so perfectly placed, each door opening creating a masterpiece Chris and I have always seen it in our mind but actually being played before our eyes so beautifully... seems unreal and definitely something only God could have played part in.

I could write a mini book on how thankful we are to have experienced the life changing challenges and lessons that will one day be stories. But for us, that time is over and we hope to one day relive those experiences in a much better place.

We are Moving and taking our RV on an adventure.

When we moved to our homestead it was not out of fear, it was due to my husbands health, and wanting to give it a try. Though it was not the right property for us, we learned how to grow our own food, process it, how to raise, how to cure, how to be patient. We met amazing people, it was never out of fear. I see this being the case for many now and if you follow me on Instagram you know how I feel about accounts spreading fear and causing people to stress over where their safety may come from. They look everywhere but Jesus. Don’t do things out of fear. Anyways. When my husband came to me with this idea AGAIN, I now didn’t want to leave my homestead because of fear. Because what if this and that?! I was letting fear rule my mind. I knew right away that was not from God. With all the things going on in the world why would we move!? Why would we leave what many want? Those thoughts came to me and my husband as the leader of our home reassured me where our help comes from. Our trust is in God and not having land. Nothing wrong with having land but it’s not good to not let go out of fear where I was. We are placing everything at his feet and saying, “Lord, thank you for the last 4 years. Please be with us on this new journey as we feel it’s what is best for our family.”

We leave March 17th and taking off. We have had a great time (though it’s been hard, like who are we going to do this type of hard) here but it’s time for us to move on. Only the Lord knows why we feel this need to relocate. He’s never let us fall, even when we have made stupid decision, so I’m confident he will be with us every step of the way. Call us foolish, when the Lord has called Chris to do something, others have always though we were crazy but we have always been blessed. The one time we didn’t wait and listen, it was still a learning experience. We are taking everything we have learned and putting it to work somewhere else. What that process might look like? Only God knows. We are leaving everything we have ever known. Family, friends, but that’s how hard we feel this to be right. We won’t forget the very lows we had where Chris and I would cry together Wondering HOW we would make it, the very highs where we laughed together. I started my Young Living business here, I gave birth to our two last babies here In this homestead. I gave birth to all 5 of my children in this state. But we have all agreed it’s our time to go. And I can tell you that only a very small part of me is sad. May this home bless the next family. The Nelsons had their time.

So here’s to moving on, and seeing the beauty of the USA with our family of 7.

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